Dragana Korica, Executive Director of Serbia Green Building Council, member of the WorldGBC

Dragana Korica is the Executive Director of Serbia Green Building Council (member of the WorldGBC). She has been dedicated to achieving the goals of the organization; to encourage and lead the transformation of the Serbian construction industry and market towards sustainable green construction concepts and standards.
Her work experience is wide – working as a project management, synchronization and design itself, as well as supervision, director and responsible designer, participation in teaching, publications, as guest lecturer and auditor. Her expertise was acquired at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute for Materials and Structures GFUB, EKI RD Studio, EKI RS Company and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade in the framework of the economy.
She is also the author of several architectural and urban projects, as well as several urban plans and revisions and interior designs projects; also, the author of the coat of arms of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. As a co-author she was awarded at several urban and architectural competitions.

She has the Master diploma acquired at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. She has the license for responsible design of architectural projects - IKS. She is a member of IKS, UAS, DAB, ASA, ŽAD and WISE SEE.